Harry's keen interest in jazz, romantic, 20th modern classical and popular music 
has influenced his style and inspired him to compose in a multitude of contexts.
He composed the music for the first draft of Liz, a two-act musical which is
currently in development.
Harry recently took two one-hour musicals Forgive Us, Oh Father! and Turning 30 
to Leeds in October in 2016, one of which will go to Edinburgh Fringe Festival 
in 2017.

Outside of the musical theatre world, Harry has had the privilege of workshopping 
his symphonic work The Storm with Junior Guildhall School of Music and Drama, for 
which he had one-on-one tutorials. He also has experience as an audio branding 
manager when composing music for the online advertisements Affinity Therapy 
Essentials and award winning online video Leeds Is Actually You. Harry has also 
composed music for choir, including setting music to a prayer Y'varechecha. This 
was performed with the JFS Youth Choir at the Royal Festival Hall.