Forgive Us, Oh Father!

Forgive Us, Oh Father! is a farce about Stephen-Peter, an incredibly lazy priest
who ends up in purgatory. The archangels need to decide whether he ends 
up in heaven or hell, as Stephen-Peter defends his actions on earth.

Forgive Us, Oh Father! is an original story. Book, music and lyrics are written 
in collaboration with Arnoud Breitbarth. This festival piece was most recently 
performed by the Leeds University Union Music Theatre Society (LUUMT) in 
October 2016. The show will be running in Edinburgh Fringe 2017 on 
11th-12th and 14th-19th August at 16:00 in Space Venue 45 
with LUUMT.




  • Cast size: 10 pax
    • 4 males (playing age main character: mid 50s’, 
      other characters: 1 x mid 40’s, 
      1 x mid 20’s and 1 x undefined)
    • 6 females (playing ages: 1 x mid 40’s, 1 x early 20’s, 
      1 x late 10’s, 3 x undefined)
  • Band size: 9 (can be reduced/expanded)
  • 11 original songs
  • Suitable for prosc arch, thrust and traverse productions
  • Running time: 50 minutes

Demo Tracks

#2 - 'Extra On The Side'
Sung by Charlotte de Graaf  
and Sam Ebenezer.